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The story so far...

The planet XYZ has been attacked by a horde of unknown species. Our hyperspace fighters are setting out for the honor mission - reclaim the beloved XYZ.

Heavily inspired by the legendary shoot 'em up from Konami - Gradius - with a twist ;-)

How to play

  • Keyboard UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to move your fighter
  • Keyboard U / I (GameShell X / Y)to shoot (hold the keys does work)
  • Keyboard J / K (GameShell A / B) to power up - if you have played Gradius before, you should know what this means!


All the assets / art works in the game respect their creator licences, as below:

Installation for GameShell

  1. Unzip the archive and copy keep structure to /home/cpi
  2. Reload the launcher.
  3. The icon should be available to launch the game - next to Settings

NOTE: This requires a copy of NWJS which should already come with the latest Clockwork OS at /home/cpi/apps/nwjs-sdk-v0.27.6-linux-arm

If for some reason the NWJS is not there, here are the steps to fix:

  1. We need to get a copy here and upload to the GameShell
  2. Update the /home/launcher/Menu/GameShell/11_Crafty Shmup/Crafty Shmup.sh with the path to the new NWJS binary path.
  3. Might need chmod +x for the new NWJS binary as well.

If the game fails to launch with custom NWJS binary, try SSH and run it from the terminal. The game will not run but shell errors could give some hints.


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crafty-shmup_v1.0_arm7_gameshell.tar.gz 2 MB

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